"Discover How To Transform Your "FREE Stuff" Into A 236-Page (Or MORE!) Website In Less Than 4 Minutes That'll Make Earning Money As Easy As Taking Candy From A Baby!"

This new software will take your content and generate a cash-sucking website that makes it "connect-the-dots" easy to make money giving away stuff for FREE--even if you're technically challenged and have never built a website in your life!
Putting Your Products On The Web For FREE And Exposing Your Visitors To FREE Offers you'll Eventually Get Paid For!

Here's how it works: you take any ebook, PLR content, or ANY text that is in the public domain that you want to give away for FREE and you post it for FREE on your website.

Now, to get this concept to work, there is a small trick.  What you have to do is to split up this content into hundreds of "mini-pages" where visitors can come and read it for free.

But it gets better, on each page, you can strategically place a "things" (banner ads, adsense, your affiliate links) that will pay you even though no one is buying ANYTHING on your site. 

Now, if you create these websites right, and include all of the important elements, then they can become literal TRAFFIC MAGNETS!!!  All you have to do is create these pages, and you could see hundreds of visitors coming to your sites day and night all sending you MONEY!!!

But there's ONE problem:

Creating a 232-Page, SEO Optimized Website Is A HUGE Pain In The BUTT...

…that is, if you use the usual HTML editors the "other guys" use. You're only limited to creating one page at a time, and the code it produces will usually scare the search engines and keep them from EVER indexing your site.

And good luck trying to make one change to a site—you'll literally have to go to all 232 pages to make that same change!

Plus don't get me started on how much time it takes to take a 300+ page ebook and split it up into 300-word chunks. I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than sit on my computer for hours "cutting and pasting" into Dreamweaver and Frontpage all day!

BUT, here's the cool part!!!  We listened to our students and created a software tool just for our members that completely AUTOMATES this WHOLE SYSTEM!!!

Let me introduce you to your new best friend:

TechDex Page Crusher Software - Make Cash Sucking Websites In Just 4 Minutes!!!
The TechDex Page Crusher software which makes creating multi-page sites a piece of cake. You don't have to mess around with all the "techy" stuff that holds newbies like me back from making money!
Video tutorials showing you how to use TechDex Page Crusher to give away free stuff and STILL get paid!
No product? No problem! You'll discover how to get content from PLR sources or from the public domain to put on your website. This is a powerful strategy that means you don't have to create a product yourself!
This is no joke: You can literally start making money overnight once you implement "TechDex Page Crusher" into your strategy for making money online. Considering it'll take only 4 minutes to get your content on the web (instead of DAYS like the other guys) nothing's impossible for you now!

"TechDex Page Crusher" Is your secret weapon for splitting up your content and putting on an SEO optimized website. You won't have to sit there for hours upon hours trying to mess around with HTML, making sure your FTP settings are correct, and checking your graphics template is in proper alignment.

The software does all that stuff for you, so all you have to do is send people to your site and count your cash!
Here Are The Simple 3 Steps Of How "TechDex Page Crusher" Turns Your Content Into CASH!!!

Step #1) Input Your Content – If you have an old ebook that doesn't sell worth a DARN, some private label rights content that's been sitting on your hard drive collecting "digital dust", or anything else you have laying around, all you have to do is "cut and paste" your content into "TechDex Page Crusher" and you're all set!

Step #2) Choose 1 Of The 3 Webpage Graphics Templates - TechDex Page Crusher comes with 3 professional webpage templates you can use for your site. You can also import your OWN template if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

Step #3) Generate Your Site And Upload! - TechDex Page Crusher will automatically "chop up" your content, generate multiple pages that are easy to navigate, and upload them to your server for you! You'll also be able to enter any custom HTML into your site so you can make irresistible FREE offers to your visitors!

It's as simple as that! Believe me, if you can "cut and paste" and "drag and drop" you can have your OWN website where you give away FREE stuff and STILL get paid!

"OK - Cut To The Chase...
How Much Does This Awesome Software Cost!?"

Here's the deal: "TechDex Page Crusher" software will save you many hours of time and energy trying to create a multiple-page site. Believe me I've tried it: it can take DAYS to do it if you tried to create your site yourself!

Considering that time is money, you could be doing other profitable things that rakes in money into your bank account—instead of scratching your head wondering how to upload your site, configure your HTML, optimize it for the search engines, etc.—stuff "TechDex Page Crusher" does for you!

With that in mind, this software should be worth at least $497. Considering most normal HTML editors that only allow you to create one page at a time are only $400 or so, software that can generate hundreds of pages at the push of a button should be worth MULTIPLE times that amount.

But you're in luck! Because I'm going to let this software into your hands at the awesome price of only $197. That's LESS than popular html editors that can only generate one page at a time for you.

What that means to you is this:

You're Only 4 Minute Away From A Full-Fledged Money Making Website That Will Pay You While You Sleep!"

TechDex Page Crusher makes creating multiple-page websites with your awesome content on a piece of cake. You have nothing to lose by scrolling down to the order box below and clicking Add To Cart!


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