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Skyrocket Your Online Sales & Profits, Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website and Improve Your Search Engine Rankings By Finding & Recruiting Super Affiliates!

From: Dexter Nelson

Whether you're a product owner who wants to make big bucks selling his products on the web or an affiliate marketer who wants to become a super affiliate (i.e. someone selling 100 times more than other affiliates)... I've got GREAT news for you!

Attention Product Owners & Affiliate Marketers!

I know your time is valuable so I'm going to keep this short and to the point.

If you have a product that you want to sell online, there are two ways to do this:

The Hard Way = Least Profitable Way

You try to do all the marketing, promotion and sales effort yourself. In such a case, every sale would be the direct result of your limited efforts and the size of your network.

There's another way. A much easier AND profitable way.

The Easiest Way = Most Profitable Way

You recruit an affiliate army to promote your product for you all over the web. There's no way you can match the reach of a group of super affiliates promoting your product on the web.

But things are not that simple. The Problem with this method is... what?

Ok, let's say you start an affiliate program and you get 10,000 affiliates to sign up.

How many of the 10,000 affiliates do you think will actually do promotion for your product?

You want the cold, hard truth?

Hardly any.

So many people sign up as affiliates, yet it's a well-known fact among pro internet marketers that hardly any affiliates ever do any promotion efforts.

Many of those who do, have websites that rank so low on search engines and Alexa that it's like they didn't do anything.

Million Dollar Question is... How Do You Find Super Affiliates?

Million Dollar Question is...

How do you find active affiliates? How do you find super affiliates?

The Answer is...

How about checking out and spying on your... competitors? :)

That's right!

Your competitors are selling similar products and they have done all the hard work of finding and recruiting super affiliates.

What you'd want to do is uncover all their super affiliates and make them 'work' for you!

We need to find those sites of affiliates linking to your competitors' websites!

Here's what you need to do. Find out who's linking to your competitors' websites. Find out what their Alexa rankings are. Find out their link popularities, among other things.

Sounds like a lot of work, effort and endless hours?

Well, I'm going to tell you about a software solution that can do all this work for you automatically with the press of a button!

Keep reading!

Attention Affiliate Marketers!

If you're an affiliate marketer, I'm sure you'd love to know what your competitors (other affiliates) are doing. I mean, how about finding out who are the super affiliates promoting the same products that you are? What do they do to become super affiliates? How do they do it? etc.

If you can find them, then you can study their websites and subscribe to their newsletters and learn a lot from the best out there, right?

Introducing... TechDex Super Affiliate Detective!

TechDex Super Affiliate Detective is a software solution that could skyrocket your online sales and profits, drive tons of traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings by uncovering super affiliates for you!

Click here to download now!

TechDex Super Affiliate Detective Features & Benefits!

Keyword Search. Enter a keyword and uncover the top ranking sites (most of which would be Super Affiliate websites) in your industry on multi search engines.

Links Search. Locate super affiliates via URL search.

Inbound Links & Outbound Links. Find out all websites linking to a specific website and vice versa.

Link Popularity. Find out the link popularity of Super Affiliate websites.

Alexa Ranking of Super Affiliate websites.

Positions of Super Affiliate websites on search engines.

Email Address and full contact information of Super Affiliates.

Import/Export related URL list (text/csv file).


You can have TechDex Super Affiliate Detective up and running on your site in minutes!

You can download your own copy of TechDex Super Affiliate Detective right now for only $97. This is one-time payment, NO annual or monthly fees!

Special Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time, you can get TechDex Super Affiliate Detective for only $79.95! That's an instant $30 discount.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Because we're so confident you're going to love TechDex Super Affiliate Detective, we're willing to offer an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee. Click here to download your copy. Try it out and put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact us anytime within 90 days and we'll refund all of your money.

You'll be accessing the software in just a few minutes!


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